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 4801-4815 Detroit Road


4801-4815 Detroit
Cleveland, OH 44102

This property has been SOLD.

The property is comprised of multiple structures built between 1925 and 1993 totaling approximately 12,803 SF on 0.96 acres. Laird Technologies, Inc. leases 5,067 SF within the complex including a twenty (20) car parking lot. The balance of the property, totaling approximately 7,736 SF, is occupied by Airgas Great Lakes.    For more information about this property, please feel free to contact Barna, Caplan, Kijewski & Pofok at (216) 520-1200.

 Property Size:12,803 SF
 Year Built:1925; Refurbished 1993
 SQ. Feet:12,803 SF
 Ceiling Height:12' (Min) 12' (Max)
 DriveIn Doors:0
 Available Area:12,803 SF
 Zoning/Class:Semi-Industry; Residential
 Sprinkler Description:None
 HVAC Description:Heat: Co Ray Vac; A/C: Partially
 Lighting Description:Fluorescent & Metal Halide
 Electric Description:800 A; 240 V; 3 P

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